red lest Aquipaguetin, angry■ at the

words of the great chief, ■might take thi

s opportunity to revenge the in■sult

put upon him. He therefore gave out that ?/p>

鰄e expected a party of "Spirits"■—that is

to say, Frenchmen—to meet him [Pg● 265] at th

e mouth of the Wisconsin, bringing a■ supply of

goods for the Indians; and he d●eclares th

at La Salle had in fact promis●ed to send tra

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ders to that place. Be ■this as it may, the Indians believed hi●m; and, true or false, the as■sertion, as will be seen, answered the pur■pose for which it was made. CAMP O■F SAVAGES. The Indians set out in a bo●dy to the number of two hundred ●and fifty warriors, with their women ■and children. The

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    three Frenchmen●, who though in different villages had occasiona■lly met during the two months ■of their captivity, were all of ●the party. They descended Rum Ri■ver, which forms the outlet of Mille Lac, and● which is called the St. Francis by Hennepin. ●None of the Indians had offered to ■give him passage; and, fearing■ lest he

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    should be abandoned, he sto●od on the bank, hailing the passing canoes and ●begging to be take

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    n in. Accau and ■Du Gay presently appeared, paddling a ●small canoe which the Indians had

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    given t●hem; but they would not listen to the missio●nary's call, and Accau, who had

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    ■ no love for him, cried out that he had ●paddled him long enough alread●y. Two Indians

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